Reckless in Laguna

Reckless in lagunaHe was the gardener’s brilliant son. She was the rich girl who loved him. But when Nio Reyes mysteriously left Laguna Beach ten years ago without a word of goodbye, he broke Becca Howard’s heart.

Now, with Becca’s once wealthy family in ruins, their money gone, the ever sexy Nio has returned on the eve of their old friends’ beach wedding to undo the damage he left behind. With secrets and family lies still standing in their way, Becca has quit believing in happily-ever-afters.

But one reckless, long-overdue weekend just might change everything.

[Note: This novella is part of Kaira Rouda’s Laguna Beach Kindle World and is connected to my The Canadays of Montana series. 4.6 Stars on Amazon.]

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“I’ll take you home, if you want.” Nio held Becca against him there on his father’s deck, reluctant to let her go. “Or we could stay here. Watch the morning come.”

“No. No, I couldn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because, if I stayed,” she said, “I might ask you to kiss me again. And that would be—”

Without invitation, he dropped his mouth against hers and kissed her until her toes curled, until she forgot where she was and all of her objections. She opened her mouth to him and he took full advantage, slanting his kiss first one way, then the other in a breathless crush of need. A sound—more like a mewl of hunger—escaped her as he picked her up, walked a handful of steps to the padded beach chaise and stretched out half-atop her.

She inhaled the heady scent of him, ran her hands across his strong, muscled back, then lower, toward the taut curve of his hip. She felt his need hard against her thigh, inflaming the hunger rising in her. He felt so good. So very, very good.

Yet, some small voice, way-y-y way back in her mind warned her that this was a mistake, reminding her that she had sworn off men forever, because none of them could be trusted. Including him.

But this was Nio, the boy who had loved her when she’d felt unloved, laughed with her when she needed laughter and taught her how to gently plant a tree so as not to crush its roots. Nio, the boy she’d dreamed about for so many years, right here in her arms. And finally, there was no money standing between them, no parents interfering, no one forbidding them to do what they were about to do right now.