March Update

Book Two – Band of Brothers

This month, one of my Band of Brothers series, ONCE A HERO, goes on sale for a short time for FREE! (Look for a BookBub Ad on March 4th!) Readers have fallen in love with these alpha heroes, former Navy Seals who are trying to find their way back into their ordinary lives again. This book follows Holly McGuire and Trey Reyes as they try to renegotiate a long, lost love in Marietta, Montana at magical Christmastime. If you’ve read my CANADAYS OF MONTANA series, you’ll find Trey Reyes—the P.I. for the Canadays’ patriarch’s law firm–finally got a book of his own here and you’ll finally learn what makes him tick.

As one reviewer put it, “Once A Hero is an emotional, touching story that really could be told during any season of the year. It has depth, understanding and possibilities that many couples would do just about anything to see come true.”

While you’re at it, pick up the other two books in the series, UNEXPECTED HERO, also set in Marietta Montana, everyone’s favorite small town and UNSUNG HERO, which is set in my second favorite place in the world, Laguna Beach.

Speaking of THE CANADAYS OF MONTANA… I am so excited to announce that Dreamscape purchased the audio rights to all of these books, as well as my latest Christmas book, (Every Time A Bell Rings) at auction this past winter and they are all releasing now or in the next few weeks. If you love audio books (I do!) be sure to add these Audible books to your Kindle purchase for an affordable way to listen to audio books! I love the narrators, Vanessa Edwin and Rachel L. Jacobs!

And finally, I hope you all enjoyed my Hallmark Christmas Movies and Mysteries movie, Holiday Hearts, starring Ashley Williams and Paul Campbell. It was such a thrill to see one of my books come to life on the screen. And my fingers are crossed that lightning will strike again. If you missed this one, keep watching. It will air again. I will always announce this on my Facebook Author page, so be sure to follow me there!

I’m working on a brand new book for you. More on that later…Hope you’re having a wonderful winter. Spring is just around the corner. I, for one, can’t wait! Happy reading from Texas, y’all!

Best, Barbara

One Comment on “March Update

  1. I love your books and try to read them in order. My library does not list Book 2 of Band of Brothers by the new title. What was its former name? Maybe it’s cataloged under that.


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