August Update

Hi Everyone!

My first question is: How are you? Are you okay? Struggling? Using your time to do great things? Are you back at work or working from home? Are your kids in school or studying from home? Are you reading books, watching Netflix or the news? I’d love to hear from you and how you’re doing. If there’s ever been a more critical time to support one another, I can’t think of one. So I hope you’re being kind to yourself and paying the kindness you receive forward. It’s the one thing we can actually control.

2020 has turned out to be one of the most challenging years any of us has faced in our lifetimes, certainly. With the pandemic, the news, political upheaval, protests, and for romance authors–the near demise of RWA, this year has been unsettling at best. For me–and I know for other writers–this year has put a major dent in my creative output. (NOTE: I haven’t even updated this website since March! What?? That’s how distracted I’ve been.) So it’s time for a check in and an update. And a small ray of sunshine from this end.

I got two pieces of amazing news this last week. First, our son got engaged to be married! He’s pretty private, so I won’t post a picture here, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with his choice! Looking forward to a wedding this next year is really pure happiness.

My second piece of news is this: By some miracle, I have just signed a new FILM DEAL with MGM Studios for the book I wrote last Christmas, EVERY TIME A BELL RINGS! This one is so special to me and was one of those stories that just flowed out of me. There’s a little magic involved, as in all of my Christmas stories but this one has the extra touch of an angel. For those who’ve read it and left such lovely reviews, thank you! If you do read it, you know how much I appreciate any time you take precious time out of your day to leave me a review on Amazon or Goodreads or anywhere. It really helps us authors out.

This movie deal has been kind of in the works since last fall, though I couldn’t really talk about it until now. It’s very exciting and perhaps most exciting is that I have an actress attached to it that you undoubtedly know. (More on that later when I can talk about it more.) My amazing publisher, Jane Porter of Tule Publishing and my wonderful attorney, Maggie Marr, get the credit for this deal and I couldn’t be more grateful that this book of mine will make it to the screen. As I know more, I will update you on this new adventure. I’m hoping to get to make it to the set again (as I did with HOLIDAY HEARTS in Vancouver.) But we’ll see what this pandemic has to say about that.

EVERY TIME A BELL RINGS also got an Audio Book deal (read by the awesome Rachel L. Jacobs) last winter, so if you enjoy listening to books during this crazy time, (I do!) you can do that, too!

Speaking of audio books, all of my The Canadays of Montana series from Tule Publishing (read by the award-winning book narrator, Vanessa Edwin) are also available now as audio books. (HINT: Keep an eye out for deals on CHIRP Audio deals for specials!)

Now for the bad news: I won’t have a new book out this Christmas. Or even this year. BUT I am working on a book for next year and I plan to beat back the quarantine blues and write some new HEAs for you!

Meanwhile, I encourage you to stay safe, stay healthy and most importantly, VOTE EARLY!!

When I have more news on the new movie, I’ll definitely update here. Until then, hugs to you my friends.

xoxo Barbara

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