Summer 2021 Update

It’s long past time for an update here, but I will use the crazy last year as an excuse for my tardiness. But now that it’s summer and the Pandemic is moving toward our rearview mirrors, it feels good to get back in the world again and to update you on what’s going on. Are you traveling this summer? I’m heading to the Texas Hill Country soon for a little R&R but mostly staying home, getting some more writing done.

First, I hope you’re all doing well and that you and yours came through this last year. I must admit, 2020 was a struggle for me writing wise. But good news? I have a new book coming out! It’s the sequel to my last Christmas book, “Every Time A Bell Rings” and book two of The Guardian Angel Chronicles. “THE CHRISTMAS FIX UP” is such a fun story and maybe one of the hardest books I’ve written.

Here’s a little taste of what it’s about:

Heaven made a mistake. Can one clumsy, rebellious angel right a wrong by Christmas Eve without losing her heart?

Angel Elspeth Aloysious is hidden in celestial clerical work to avoid painful memories when her mentor sends her on her first earthly mingle. Her task—open the closed heart of the handsome and busy Sam Wynter so his daughter can have a new mother before she drifts too far from her destiny. Elle has one week and one rule—don’t fall for Sam.

Sam Wynter has no intention of remarrying. Instead, he’s focused on raising his daughter Molly and building his career. But when he meets a captivating and beautiful stranger in town for the holidays, he rediscovers joy and a sense of fun with Elle through donating his time and skills to those in need. Both Sam and Molly quickly bond with the sparkling Elle, and Sam starts to dream of a different future.

The clock is ticking down on Elle’s time on Earth. Can these two mismatched soulmates, who are worlds apart, find their happy ever after?

The Christmas Fix Up is up for pre-order wherever you buy your books and it releases October 11th just in time for Christmas!

Meanwhile, I’m working on another new book for you. I’ll update you on that one soon. I have no new news on the next movie (Every Time A Bell Rings), but when I do, you’ll be the first to hear.

Have a great summer and hope you find some fun summer reading here on these pages.

Happy Reading!


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